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Kitaro® DryLab & WetLab Kit

Description :
The Kitaro® DryLab & WetLab Kit simulate the different stages of cataract surgery and allow surgeons in training to practice technique repeatedly without the added complication of long preparation times and costly live tissue samples.

Main characteristics :
The Kitaro WetLab was designed to replace the porcine wetlabs, lowering the cost and set-up of conventional labs. Almost all phacoemulsification steps, complication management, and common mistakes can be mastered through repeated practice with this revolutionary learning tool.

It provides advantages over the usual porcine wet lab, including: easy preparation, a hygienic environment and high quality, predictable materials for CCC and nuclear segmentation practice.

Realism has never been pushed so far!


Kitaro® DryLab & WetLab Kit

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